Thursday, July 5, 2012

FTSLDRS x Abella Anderson – “Olympic Project”

With the Olympics coming up what is best but to have another Jordan coming out but this time the kicks that Jordan wore in the 92 dream team. The Nike air Jordan retro 7 Olympics are set to release and there's some interesting pictures out there in the internet. What makes it better is the popular adult film star Abella Anderson posing with the kicks on with the American flag in the background. has collaborated with the adult star to bring you these wonderful eye candy. These Jordans has come out numerous times but with the Dream Team documentary that just came out and these wonderful pictures, why not cop another pair this year. This are set to release July 21st, 2012. Wake up early and don't miss the line because the hyperbeast are out to get your kicks.


Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympics!!!

Air Jordan 6 retro Olympics. It is the perfect way to start the olympics this year in London. This is one of the most anticipated Jordans of this year. This came out in Oct. 2000. It has been 12 years and everyone is eager to cop a pair of these kicks. This Jordan was not worn by Jordan himself but was worn by Ray Allen in the 2000 olympics. These come out June 5, 2012 do not miss the rush and make sure to wake up early to avoid the hyperbeast on the line.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Air Jordan Concords Retro 11 (Black Conord & White)

Releasing next week on December 23, 2011. This kick is an great last minute present to get anyone for the holidays. It's a straight classic and would be great to add to collection if you do not have this in your collection yet.
With the beautiful patent leather, the shoes are great.
The box is special as well. It comes with a special "drawer" box making the packaging sick.
From my understanding will be sold at selective retails store.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Air Jordan 11 -Low Retro Jordan XI Black / White

Release Date: August 13, 2011
This shoe is a classic and always sold out. This was the shoe that Jordan wore during his 1995-1996 season.

The shoe was designed to look like a convertible with the original patent leather giving it a nice a smooth look.

Due to the design of the shoe, MJ's delivery on the court was not too good. Yet the design and the materials used on the shoe were so ahead of it's time it became one of the more popular out of the legacy of Jordan's.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woman Get's Upset when Lady Talks on Cell Phone on The Bus

This happened on a public bus in Philly. 58 year woman took out her gun when another woman was on the phone using profanity.

"When Push Comes to Shove, Woman Pulls Gun

Rider brandishes pistol on crowded bus during dispute over cell phone conversation"

Yeah, she had a license to kill but that's not okay. She was legally registered to hold the weapon but in Virginia. Then you can see later on in the video that a man stood up and was a good citizen, to break up the altercation because who know what would have happened if he hadn't.